Digital innovations for healthcare

Digital Factory Finland a.k.a Suomen Digitaalinen Tehdas, supports the digitalization of the health sector by integrating new technologies and innovations into the urban environment. We help companies to get products to be piloted in customer environments and enter the Finnish market, and at the same time we help cities to solve healthcare-related challenges with new innovations using co-creation methods.

For healthcare providers

The development and digitalization of the healthcare industry is greatly influenced by how efficiently the industry is able to utilize the scientific communities and companies in its environment and through this to adopt new innovations and technologies. Digital Factory Finland aims to solve the challenges of cities, public and private healthcare providers by mapping, adapting, and integrating new technologies into the industry. The goal is to reduce the workload of professionals, to make processes more efficient, to improve the quality of services and productivity.

For companies

The companies are at the forefront of the healthcare industry, pointing the way to the future. The Finnish Digital Factory helps health technology companies gain a foothold in the Finnish market and grow from it into international players. We create piloting opportunities for companies in a genuine customer target group in both the public and private sectors.

Smart technology for healthcare, piloted solutions

Digital Factory Finland is constantly looking for new innovations. Currently, the company is working on and co-developing three different new technologies.

Hospitals, senior centres...

QUMEA is an application for hospitals, clinics, and senior centres, for bed monitoring, fall detection, fall prevention and monitoring of patient well-being.

Homecare, assisted living...

Inlisol's solution supports home care and assisted living, observing falls, activity, and well-being in client ́s home or home-like assisted living environments.
Smart wheelchair

Pressure ulcer prevention...

More information coming soon!


Digital Factory Finland supports piloting opportunities for new technological innovations in the form of co- creation and project management.
In 2023, 3 different pilot projects were started or implemented in the health units of the City of Helsinki:
Inlisol fall detection radio wave sensor solution for home care environment
Qumea radio wave sensor solution for fall prevention, detection and activity monitoring in hospitals and senior centres environment
Pressure ulcer prevention sensor for wheelchair patients as an Digital Factory Finland and Touchlab Limited co-creation project

And, project management:

“Välkky” eAvatar robot pilot, produced by Touchlab Limited, at Laakso Hospital in Helsinki